Hi folks,

Cassette Culture is on indefinite pause but I'm still occasionally posting music along with photography, art, and other stuff on a new site called soundandink.

Soundandink is more of a personal project, just keeping track of interesting things that I like. Its not particularly journalistic so don't expect album reviews or anything. I'd just say if you like the music on Cassette Culture you might find similar things over at soundandink.



Mike Alcott said...

your music truly makes my days !!! please, please, please keep it coming!!! Cassette #7 - Not a Fan of the Curtains is the true epicness!!!! same with whack an egg in it #4. Thank you for these gems!

Tom said...

Haha thank you Mike! Blimey those are some old mixes - sounds like you've been with the blog for a while.

I have some new mixes in the pipeline, I'm just getting a bit perfectionist about my mixing so they're slow coming.

Really appreciate the support.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing such music in the blog.. hope 2 see it back soon!

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