Mixtape: A.N.D.Y.

photo by FunGi_

Cracking new mixtape from A.N.D.Y. Beats in all the right places.

It also includes a single, Traffic, due to be released in May which A.N.D.Y. has put together with Vincent. A tour de force!

Another stand out track on the mix is Butterfly by Johnny Mikes. Be sure to check him out and his East Project mixes.

1. Patrick Alavi : How Much That Means To Me (Miguel Campbell Re-edit)
2. Rob Made : You & Me
3. Dean Jon : All You
4. Vicente & A.N.D.Y. : Traffic
5. Johnny Mikes : Butterfly
6. Jupiter : One o Six (A.N.D.Y. Remix)
7. Worthy : Why You Waiting
8. Patrick L : Call Me (Tiger Stripes Remix)
9. Sneaky Sound System : Really Want To See You Again (Adonis Bros Remix)
10. Cristian Dinamarca : Needy


Tony Hymes said...

Hey guys, thoroughly digging this mix, keeps my toe tapping through the workday! I added a few of the tracks to my whyd stream. you guys should check out our free playlist embed to link tracks from soundcloud and youtube in one playable playlist, here's an example: http://www.kemptation.com/whyd-stream/

and if you want to create a page for cassette culture to share the tracks that you write about, you can access whyd directly here: http://whyd.com/invite/4fb118c368b1a410ecdc0058


anjali bhavan said...

awesum! d last song was particularly good...keep it up!

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