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Cassette Culture is on indefinite pause but I'm still occasionally posting music along with photography, art, and other stuff on a new site called

Soundandink is more of a personal project, just keeping track of interesting things that I like. Its not particularly journalistic so don't expect album reviews or anything. I'd just say if you like the music on Cassette Culture you might find similar things over at soundandink.

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Cassette Culture radio is back this evening!

Cassette Culture radio is taking a spin between 9-10 this evening on Birmingham University student radio - Burn FM. Tune in for deep house/disco flavoured warm up to your weekend!

Tune in here:

E-mail the studio for requests etc here:
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Mixtape: A.N.D.Y.

photo by FunGi_

Cracking new mixtape from A.N.D.Y. Beats in all the right places.

It also includes a single, Traffic, due to be released in May which A.N.D.Y. has put together with Vincent. A tour de force!

Another stand out track on the mix is Butterfly by Johnny Mikes. Be sure to check him out and his East Project mixes.

1. Patrick Alavi : How Much That Means To Me (Miguel Campbell Re-edit)
2. Rob Made : You & Me
3. Dean Jon : All You
4. Vicente & A.N.D.Y. : Traffic
5. Johnny Mikes : Butterfly
6. Jupiter : One o Six (A.N.D.Y. Remix)
7. Worthy : Why You Waiting
8. Patrick L : Call Me (Tiger Stripes Remix)
9. Sneaky Sound System : Really Want To See You Again (Adonis Bros Remix)
10. Cristian Dinamarca : Needy
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Track: Debukas

Photo by Micheal Dawes.

This is brilliant. Deep, resonating, catchy.

Debukas - Golden Mind

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EP: House of Disco

Fantastic new EP out on House of Disco Records featuring tracks from The Treatment, Satin Jackets, Robert Rodriguez, and Debonair. Laid-back, up-beat, deep, light - there's a little bit of everything here, all with a salute to classic disco.

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New Album: The Hundred In The Hands

The Hundred In The Hands have finished recording their second album which will be called Red Night.

They've released a Youtube video of a new track called Faded. Its dark and supremely atmospheric; themes that echoed through their previous album The Hundred In The Hands. It almost feels as if you're in the studio with them and the sounds are bouncing off the walls. On their twitter feed Eleanore and Jason say this is one of the "softer" moments of the album. See what you think:

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